Summertime and The Scent of Su

Ask me to find a Davines scent that I don’t love, and that’s really asking too much. They are the most unique hair product company in the world, hands down. They are master fragrance creators, and every scent is like nothing you’ve ever imagined before…in my opinion, they should  be a fragrance house as well. The quality of their products and performance is stellar…and the scents are over the top (read about my love for the cult obsession scent Oi scents here and for the Melu shampoo here).

Enter Su, the Davines line created for skin that’s been in the sun. Well it might as well include the sun in the bottle too  – because it transports you to the Italian Riveria instantaneously. When our first shipment arrived at Chemistry, before it was even opened the “whoas…” had already begun since you could catch the unbelievably unique wafts of mimosa, camellia, apple and woodsy notes drifting up from the box.

So, scent gushing can go on only so much in writing, need be that you just smell the products…but now you know how badly you need to! And quickly too, since this product is seasonal and we can only order in summer, and all winter last winter I had to live on my test bottle, which I managed to preserve a small dollop in until this shipment dropped last month – and to my great relief the ration was over. So by August, there may not be Su again, until next summer (I’m stockpiling this time).

The clear gel Su Hair and Body Wash is my favorite product because I get to use so much of it. It has the richest, moisturizing yet clean texture to it, and it makes my whole bathroom smell of this enchanting scent for a little span of time.

The Su Hair Mask and the Su Hair Milk richly hydrate, moisturize, refine and pretty much take your damaged hair back to baby like spun silk texture when used together. These products are triple duty and leave nothing behind  but amazingly tamed, silkened, and amazing smelling hair.

DV8T5959The Su Aftersun cream is a brilliant multi-use product for body, hands, and a hair cream or protector, and of course it has the same purely addictive scent. It’s a lighter cream – gel texture that melts into skin, especially dry or sunburned skin for drenching moisture. It contains argan oil, aloe vera, and chinotto for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

This is the time to get you Su on, while it’s still summer.