The Perfect Under Eye Setting Powder

T Le Clerc powders are makeup 101. I have blogged a couple of times on the wonders of their powder, gushing on how the finish is airspun and cloud-like, and the powder to this day has no equal in its superb ultra light matte finish. The brand is steadfast, so as gimmick powders come and gimmick powders go, this one remains ever-trusted and easy to use. And the extra power of these powder lies in the uniquely color correcting shades it comes in.

DV8T5988T Le Clerc Pressed Powder in Banane is one of the most useful powders I own. Yellow cancels out blue, and it cancels out purple, those horrible shaded harbingers of little sleep, allergies, and other eye area distress. So, a dose of this swept under the eyes to set concealer is brilliant. It holds your concealer in place all day while hardly feeling like it’s there at all, and it lifts and highlights. Also you can use it where you want some brightening in other areas of the face, i.e. the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, tops of cheekbones, for a subtle un-contoured type of contour. You will never see lines, or obvious patches with this powder. And you have to love toting around the classic little Parisian compact.


The brush pictured at the top, which is absolutely perfect for under eye setting and small area highlighting, is the luxe smokey eye brush from Surratt (available in store).