What in the Brow?

Of all the things in life there are to worry about, eyebrows seem to be among the very most trivial of all. In fact, they are not. And here’s my argument why. If you have a simple product which fixes your eyebrow problems and keeps them that way all day, suffice it to say, the rest of your getting ready process and/or re-getting ready process later in the day is quite honestly simplified beyond belief. I mean, and, eyebrows… they can make or break your face or your make up.

Long a fan of pencils, for the ability to cater intensity and carry wherever with ease, I have now discovered a major new addition to my baseline makeup kit, Ecobrow Defining Wax, which looks like nothing in the tiny little unassuming jar – but believe me it is everything when it comes to mastering your brows. It’s an all natural mineral based product that contains nylon, which is the game changing ingredient that looks like natural hair volume when you brush it into your brows and it is fast to apply and lasts all day long, no budging.

I like to use base line of Southern Fringe Browsketch in Blonde then dab and drag the defining wax where needed with this little small angle eye defining brush from B Dellium. Then, brush through with a spooley or eyebrow groomer, and you’re set – perfectly. All day. I have fairly dark brows that blonde up in summer and I like a natural look so I use the blonde shade, Marilyn. But Ecobrow comes in six very versatile shades, so there’s one for everybody.