My (First) Surratt Kit

Let me have the honor of introducing you to Surratt Cosmetics. That is, only if don’t know about the line yet! It is still somewhat emerging, but the major makeup artist (Troy Surratt) created line – inspired by Japanese technology and French chic beauty  – is taking off in popularity recently after certain A-listers began dropping the name post award show in regards to their pre-awards show routines involving Surratt.

So, if I don’t have your attention yet, check out the gorgeous products I quickly snapped up when we launched the line about a month ago. I’d been following the line for the last couple of years or so and was absolutely counting the days until the products arrived. Because, Surratt is makeup 4.0. The line takes every single product the the next level, and takes so much of the work out of putting on makeup, which I am all about reducing. With his products, Surratt has literally reduced the need for blending down to nearly nothing, and his lipsticks and glosses expedite the finish it previously took two to three products to accomplish. On top of that, the formulas are all finely milled to perfection with just the right amount of lustre or matte finish. This line is thoughtful, engineered, and truly designed. You will appreciate every detail of the the products, delivery and packaging, which is stunning by the way. There’s no way I can cover all the products I have flipped over in one post, but today with be a start, and follow along to see even more coming up in the near future.

Pictured above is the eye shadow palette I built since the line is designed for your to customize with the Artistique Eyeshadows pans of your choice. My palette, which I am becoming super dependent on, especially when I want to look put together, is comprised of (left to right) Row 1: Chamois and Haute Chocolate; Row 2: Marron and Truffle; Row 3: Dore and Brun Noir. Truffle has become my favorite powder eyeliner ever, since it blends medium brown, deep brown, and hints to lavender reflections that affect the dimensions of colors in your eyes dramatically.

Also to the left of palette, the outliers I didn’t have room in palette number one four (guess I’ll have to move to two now, tsk, tsk…) The insanely shimmer -aden highlight Artistique Eyeshadow in Idealiste. To the right, The tawny pink, swoosh of tanned glow for cheeks Artistique Blush in La Vie En Rose.

This Surratt Lip Lustre lip gloss is richly pigmented, slippy but just thick enough to last a very long time, with a rehydrating, plumping effect and I’m hooked. A new everyday basic for me.

Surratt Lip Lustre in Charmante

The Automatique Lip Crayon in Savoir-Faire is for a subtle or bold (in other colors) but defined matte lip in one step, it’s the ultimate way to get a pale pink Bardot lip in a flash.

Automatique Lip Crayon in Savoir-Faire

The lipsticks below are super sleek in holographic black metal casing. But the multi-faceted light reflection truly lies in the formula, Surratt Prismatique Lips – it’s a very volumizing, full lip look flecked with microscopic flecks of glitter for a light show on the lips, but not in an over the top way. Slightly glossy, sheer and very wearable for day or night.

Surratt Prismatique Lips in Haute Monde (left) and Lili Doree

Next, and I certainly can’t pick favorites, it’s so hard to say something the best when there are so many innovative and inventive products already in one line, but the Surreal Skin Foundation has is fast becoming my all time favorite foundation. It’s almost perfect, ok, it is perfect. It does not contain SPF which means one extra step for day but for red carpet they can’t risk have the sunscreen in and creating the dreaded white face effect that spf + flash can lead to. So I understand, I don’t want to go ghost white either! The brush makes application a snap, and this foundation literally smoothes your pores as in melts into your skin and looks more natural than any other foundation I have ever tried. And the best part is, I do not need concealer with Surreal Skin! The brush goes right under the eye area perfectly, two pats in and the rest of the face hardly needs that. IT’S THAT GOOD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

Surratt Surreal Skin Foundation in Shade 9
Surratt Surreal Skin    

My first dabble into Surratt’s tools led me to the Smoky Eye Brush Moyenne (there are two Smoky Eye Brushes, this is the larger one) which is a great under eye powder brush, base layer eye brush, and smoked-out-blender tool. It’s super soft in it’s high end Japanese construction and luxe.  And I couldn’t resist trying the Surratt eyelash curler,  but thought nothing could beat the Kevyn Aucoin one I now swear by (I TOSSED OUT MY SHU UEMURAS y’all….) this one slam ties it though, it creates super high lash drama curls with one squeeze. Can’t decide anymore, so one’s on the counter and one’s in my bag.

To be continued…