Handbag Addition | Natura Bisse Essential Shock Intense Hand Cream

DV8T5886There’s hand cream, and there’s hand treatment. Creams are lovely, they smell great, and they fulfill a purpose, but true treatment, anti-aging ingredients, and repairing factors are so easily overlooked when it comes to hands. A smart man once said, “If you want to know a woman’s real age, look at her hands “(I’ve heard the variation on that to be elbows too!) So as the years tick on, I look for hand treatments with real ingredients to combat the unsightly raisin effect, sun damage, and all the other un-pretty woes of time on my hands.

I’ve used Natura Bisse Tensolift for years, but now I’m happy to rotate in their newest cocktail for hands that is full of amino acids (anti-wrinkle) and the collagen builder niacinamide. It’s their Essential Shock Intense Hand Cream. It also has vitamins A (hello retinol), C (fades sunspots), and E (overall skin health and vitality), and milk thistle extract to continue fighting the day’s free radicals.

The texture is a gel-cream, and right at first contact it has the slightest initial ‘tack’ to it, then it melts in for a silky layer of moisture that has <zero amount of greasiness, and it’s easy to layer on several times a day. It’s a new win-win for the hands and handbag, and I love the results. And I always remember to hit the elbows with it as well…;)

[clutch under hand cream is from Claire Vivier]DV8T5891