Tan X 2

dv8t5995Double-purpose products are my favorite thing. For example: whitening toothpaste, volumizing shampoo, treatment foundation with Spf. If it does more than one thing, I’m using it – and theoretically my grooming and hygiene time should eventually be cut completely in half. Theoretically. Anyway, it feels great to use something that does both something instant and something lasting and the new James Read Tantour Sculpting Duo does one of each.

dv8t6002It’s a deep bronz-ish contour with a creamy, blendable texture paired with a glow-getting highlighter powder. But this powder contour leaves behind a subtle dose of pigment (via self tan ingredients) on your skin long after it’s been washed away.

Now don’t get me wrong, you won’t go around looking like you had your cheeks painted and shaded, and I had a hard time believing this would actually do what it said – but it does leave a little ‘sculpting’ behind. I think it takes about 2-3 days in a row of use, but you may notice when you wake up that your cheeks look just a smidge perkier, and that’s great for me. It wears away in a couple of days without repeated use but this is a fun product! I love using it and waking up to an ever so slightly deeper cheek hollow.

And for makeup, it’s a great gray based contour shade with a hint of bronze. It’s not orange or sparkly – the two things that make bronzer super tricky to pull off  – and it builds a soft shadow and slightly sunned look in light layers. It comes with its own travel brush that can do an ok job, but for a truly pro finish, I recommend applying it with a contour brush like the Rodial contour brush  to be conservative, or go a little more dramatic by using BECCA’S The One Brush. Sculpting made easy, fun, and a product that does two tasks!