Diamond Life Benefits

Natura Bisse is one of the enduring brands that I have used and loved for a long time. Many of their products are staples for me. But the line is extensive, and I have, in a way, always stayed in one corner of their world, which is the cleansing, pampering, sensitivity-curing corner. Recently, though, I decided to step it up and address some of my serious oncoming aging issues with some of their more serious regimens. Not that the products I have loved for so long (see posts on Natura Bisse AHA Cleanser, Oxygen Body Mist, Intensive Tolerance Booster, and The Cure) aren’t seriously good, but for the most dramatic changes and results, when going with Natura Bisse, it’s wise to go to their Diamond Line to experience what Natura Bisse really has to offer.

I had used the old formula Diamond Cream and Diamond Mist and loved it a few years ago, but now that is has been revamped and pumped up with yet more ingredients and is now Diamond Extreme, I was ready to give it another trial round, and the result is that I don’t leave home without it. They have added super soothing edelweiss flower extract for defense, ursolic acid for tightness, and artemia salina extract for circulation. It is extremely hydrating and thick, true to the name, so it’s not for oily/combination skin – those I would steer to Diamond Gel Cream – but Diamond Extreme Cream is a dry skin dream come true though.

The science and theory basis of the Diamond Line is that the formula regulates the four biomarkers of skin aging (biomarkers are considered scientific points of data controls to be measured). The formula is pioneering an ingredient called Bio-magnet nanosomes that has a patent pending, plus other proven ingredients like collagen, retinol and marine DNA to regulate the four biomarkers of skin aging which are: stem cell preservation, cellular aging control, telomere protection, and oxidative damage protection. When all four of these crucial factor areas are addressed and protected, the skin is prevented from premature or rapid aging that typically results from one or more of these area being overstressed or under-addressed. Diamond Line addresses each of these biomarkers within the regimen consistently for a balanced prevention of aging.

natura-bisse-diamond-life-infusionNow that the science is out of the way, let’s talk results. First things first, after I used Diamond Life Infusion for about two weeks, the reason I’m solidly hooked on this special brew is that my skin has never responded to anything with such firmness. Firmness is so important because without it, things keep sagging and progressing downward, and this serum seemingly stops that process in it tracks. I can’t recommend any other product more for firmness increasing benefits. It also has a built in glow effect which is always on the menu for me, and I saw less lines each week, especially around the eye/brow area. BIG results. To me, worth the price if you use it appropriately as a serum which means it’s the first product to go on after cleansing and you use 3-6 drops and massage it in deeply.

Diamond Life offers two eye products, and I love both. Diamond Extreme Eye, my favorite new everyday eye area pick me up, which I wrote about here, and Diamond Life Infusion Retinol Eye, which is so powerful I can only use it 2-3 times a week at most, but has stunning brightening effects after the first few uses and of course the retinol does its job in the wrinkle reducing department.

The Diamond Extreme Oil is another new release from Natura Bisse that’s innovative and it’s simply plush for dry skin, containing an Epidermal Renewal Complex to protect the skin barrier, Vitamins E and F, Omega 5 (from pomegranate), and a complex from seaweed to lower the levels of proteins on the skin responsible for triggering aging related damage. It’s extremely soothing and amazingly scented with lavender for use at bedtime. As strange as that little black and silver wands looks beside it – it’s actually a massage tool used to apply the oil and it feels so unbelievably good that not only am I hooked on using it to relive facial tension at night. Guess who else is?  My curious kids who saw me using it one night and after one time of using it themselves, realized that it’s almost as good as a bedtime story at putting one into a deep cozy sleep. Zzzzz…..

Finally, the coolest new release in the Diamond Line is the Diamond Extreme Mask. I like products that break out of the box – it’s not a cream, it’s not a gel, it’s a mask gel cream substance that you apply at night and isn’t extremely thick like some sleeping masks. In fact, you could wear it under makeup if it did not contain retinol – but it does so it’s not best for day. But that’s how nice it feels on the skin. The best result that was clear right away from using the mask was the increase in clarity. My skin was so even, clear and smooth! First thing in the morning, it looked rested and rejuvenated, and calm. For a product with retinol, if you are a little sensitive like me, this is a great start to use before you try anything stronger and the results are beautiful.

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