Surratt’s Lip-savior: Lipslique

If you don’t know about my deep crush on all things Surratt, the Japanese inspired line built by celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt, click here now to get up to date fast. I feel that so many products in the Surratt line could take the win in the “BEST OF” categories, including but not limited to: their superbly soft brushes, the Surreal Skin Foundation (it IS my all time favorite foundation), the Relevee Eyelash Curler, the Lip Lustre Lip gloss, the Artistique Eyeshadow, and the Smoky Eye Baton to name a precious few.

surratt-lipslique-2But the latest addiction from the Surratt battalion for me is the luscious, wearable and perfecting lip product Lipslique. In a sentence, it’s lip balm, lipstick, lipliner and gloss all in one perfect little pen. The ‘balm’ status is lent to it by the large amount of macadamia oil it contains, making it heavily moisture rich and a serious replacement for lip balm – and how many lipsticks can you really say that about?

I’ve stuck with the nude-y, natural shades so far, bumping up the pigment a bit with the shade Au Courant, but have not ventured any brighter shades…yet. And can I say, the effect of these lip-loving treats is amazing. They are super moisturizing – moisture boosting I would call them – plumping, defining, and they nail the your-lips-but-better category down better than any bullet (lipstick bullet that is) I’ve tried yet.

Surratt Lipslique in my two favorite shades: Hevyn (bottom) and Bon Bon (top)

Bon Bon is a true sixties light pink nude, and Hevyn is a pink to brownish pink natural lip color that just looks exactly like great lips. I alternate the two and sometimes mix them together for dimension. Pure handbag goodness since you can apply these anytime or even over another lipstick for a bump up of color, moisture, and shine.