Facts: the Editor

Name: ABK (Amanda B Karvelsson)


Houston, TX &  Whitefish, MT

I created the cosmetics & skincare store I dreamed existed, but I couldn’t find anywhere. The place I could get everything I needed, from French pharmacy products to Korean brands, high fashion fragrance and clinical skincare from Switzerland. It’s called Chemistry. I wanted it to feel like the library of beauty, and I think it does. It’s the second most fun adventure I have embarked on  – so far. The first was marriage and four kids. (still in progress, and completely awesome.)

{likes}: my husband, kids, mountains, snow, carrot cake, online shopping, exploring, creating things, running, Victor Hugo, John Taylor Gatto, Lionel Messi, creamed spinach, fish tacos, airplanes (!), room service, youtube, my English Mastiff, horses, waterfalls, libraries, museums, gracious homes, Whole Foods

{dislikes}: gyms, malls, haughtiness, bullies, most TV, preservatives, white chocolate